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Danex Valve

DANEX Dual Expanding Plug Valves

ZERO EMMISSION DAN-EX Double Block and Bleed Advantage
The single unit Double Block and Bleed Valve (DBB) design has operational advantages, there are significantly fewer potential leak paths within the double block and bleed section of the pipeline.

There are several advantages in using a Double Block and Bleed Valve. Significantly, because all the valve components are housed in a single unit, the space required for the installation is dramatically reduced thus freeing up room for other pieces of essential equipment.

DAN-EX Dual Expanding Plug Valves
2" to 24" CLASS 150, 300 AND 600
Rectangular Port and Full port
Also available spare Slips, Soft Goods, Packing, Gaskets
Made in the USA

For more information: www.westernvalve.com