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PEXGOL Durable Piping Systems

Slurry Pipeline Storm Resistant

PEXGOL™ pipes, as a result of their unmatched abrasion and chemical resistance, are an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications such as slurry pipelines and drainage pipe systems. PEXGOL pipe systems are sold to leading mining and industrial companies all over the world and offer a successful, cost-effective answer to modern industrial needs.

  • Slurry pipelines (gypsum, sand, salt, phosphates, potash, etc.)
  • Pumping corrosive and salt water
  • Conveying of aggressive fluids (acids, solvents, etc.)
  • Conveying abrasive materials
  • Process lines
  • Sea outfall lines
  • Industrial waste
  • Various chemicals
  • Crude oil and gas
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Hot and cold water supply lines

For more information: www.pexgol.com